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Pictures from skiing trip to Lapland

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pink skirts ♡ romwe


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The boy whose name means springtime. 
❁Haruka Nanase: Part 1 of my Flower Crown series. About 3 hours on SAI.


The boy whose name means springtime.

Haruka Nanase: Part 1 of my Flower Crown series. About 3 hours on SAI.

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Selfies of the Caribbean

This is so important

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There needs to be more body positive songs in pop culture and I think this is a great contribution. THIS VIDEO IS AN IMPORTANT THING.


I like this, but isn’t she kind of shaming skinny bodies? The whole “skinny bitches” thing clashes with the “every part of you is perfect” message. Idk, just a thought.

She is skinny shaming and putting it on what boys like instead of just being happy about yourself for yourself.

But hey, it’s catchy

I liked this song until I looked at the lyrics. Then I legit lost 90% of my respect for this as being a “body positive” song. It’s just a sham.

Pro-tip: If your “body positivity” throws any body type under the bus in any way to prove your point? Then it’s not actually “body positive” at all.

Really? Are we listening to the same song? Because that’s not what I read.

I’m bringin’ booty back
Go ‘head and tell them skinny bitches that
I know y’all think you’re fat
But I’m here to tell you
Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.

There’s about two seconds of the “the hell with skinny women” trope, then she acknowledges that they have their own set of insecurities and brings it right back to “Nope, you’re perfect too.”

And as for the “stick-figure silicon Barbie doll” line, along with the bit about Photoshop, that’s exactly the kind of hurtful, negative body image being touted by mass media: something that’s entirely fake that no one could hope to live up to. And it’s a nice reference to the way that girls are taught from childhood that “this is how you should look and that’s what matters.”

And if she wants to attach body positivity to the idea of being sexually attractive, fucking good for her! It’s hard to be a fat girl and think of yourself as hot and sexy, and sometimes it’s nice to have that reminder!

Personally, I find this song immensely empowering, and a lot more inclusive than people are claiming. Yes, it would be nice to have a song that says, “Be happy with yourself for you,” but it’s disheartening to see a positive message in pop culture being tossed out because it’s not PERFECT.

I never said I tossed it out because it wasn’t perfect. I said I’ve got issue with it and listening to the lyrics made me like it less because I did interpret them differently and I feel like it’s a sham, overall, and more a grab for attention than an attempt at genuine body positivity.

She could have very easily done that song without the references to skinny women and plastic and “thinking you’re fat” stereotypes and it’dve been a wonderful body positive song… But for me, personally, the language fucks it up because those are actual lines of abuse I’ve been subjected to at the hands of larger women who have some weird complex against all skinny women.

Up until I was 17, I was consistently underweight and had a hard time gaining weight. I suffered from multiple Eating Disorders due to body-image-related degredation by peers. Nothing new, everyone goes through that, right? Yeah. My problem is that I don’t like the allegory of “plastic” and “barbie doll” to “what I’m not” when she’s saying it as if it’s negative to be thin… And one thing I was called a lot in a derogatory manner as a skinny kid was “Barbie Doll”. In fact, rhetoric like that found in her “You know I won’t be no stick-figure, silicone Barbie doll," is common rhetoric used against smaller women by larger women. I heard it a lot growing up (and then heard the reverse when I got "fat").

Another thing I heard said a lot to me were things like “I need to put some meat on because men like meet, not bones”, which is something she says in this song with the line “Yeah, my momma she told me don’t worry about your size; She says, boys they like a little more booty to hold at night”.

I also don’t like the idea of it being considered “body positive” to use derogatory language, then turn around and go “oh, lol. I’m joking. You’re perfect”… Because that shit was used against me and I can assure you they weren’t actually joking when they said it.

So like… I think it’s a good song. I think it’s catchy. But as a body positive song that it’s being heralded as? I don’t like the language. It makes me uncomfortable and I don’t feel it’s body positive. If you do… Cool. But I’ve got a lot of issues with it after hearing that rhetoric a lot in my life even if it’s the “nicer” end of one of the spectrums I had to deal with.

Hmmm….you gots a point there. Several, in fact, coming from that angle.

I suppose this is a case of different perspectives then.

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